Updated 1/29/2005

A little background: I was talked into going to Woodstock '94 about month or two before the event. I didn't even know anything about it up to that point (sorry, I don't watch much MTV). Here's the ticket (that I never used.)

Instead of going directly to Woodstock, we decided to stay a couple days in Manhattan, NY. I must say that is quite the city! Webster's Hall topped any club I've ever been to, that's for sure. Here's a picture of me (on the right) and my friend looking down on the Statue of Liberty (barely visible) atop the World Trade Center. This is the same guy who later BROKE HIS ANKLE the FIRST NIGHT at Woodstock! We didn't even know what happened to him until the last night there.

In addition to my Woodstock '94 pictures, we've got quite a collection of Manhattan pictures. We were having so much fun in Manhattan that we almost DIDN'T GO to Woodstock '94! But I woke up one morning and flipped on the TV. I think I was watching CNN when they went to a commercial and cut to a live scene at Woodstock. I said, "We're going!" So we packed up our stuff and caught a bus up to the place. This is essentially what we saw when we got there.

MUDDY TENTS EVERYWHERE! The three of us got extremely lucky and didn't have to camp in this muck. We paid a guy $20 each to camp in his GRASSY backyard (no mud)! See the picture near the bottom of this page.

In this next picture, you can see the Main Stage off to the far right. We had to walk a good 15 minutes just to get THIS far from where we were camped!

Here's a closer look at the Main Stage. Notice the "River of Mud" oozing from the stage. You could actually see bottles and other debris flowing in it.

Another shot (see if you can find the beer bottle.)

Here are those elusive "Mud People" doing a ritual mud dance.

SOME people chose to bathe in the "River of Mud".

"Crowd Surfing" at its finest.

These next few pictures are some of the best! I'm not sure WHERE these people's heads were. More crowd surfing, NAKED!

The next two pictures give new definition to the word WOODstock! Some of my friends fondly named this picture "MUD DICK". Notice anything familiar with this pic and the page background by chance? :) Here's another picture.

The same three muddy naked people #1, #2, and #3.

Enough of them already! Here's a shot of where we camped, the day we left. This was also the first day we saw our friend after he broke his ankle (notice the cast)! The three of us were together the first night there, watching the show, when he decided he was going to go find a bathroom somewhere. That was the last we saw of him. Apparently he slipped in the mud, broke his ankle, and was sent to a nearby hospital where he WATCHED Woodstock '94 on TV! No comment on the hair in this picture, please. Keep in mind that we found NO SHOWERS the entire weekend!

I think this last picture is a good closing to the event. We didn't know this guy. We saw him walking around while we were waiting for our bus out of the place.

Well boys & girls, that's it for now. I have dozens of other pictures in addition to these; maybe I'll add more sometime. You can find other Woodstock '94 stuff here, here, and here!

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